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WE KNOW ESD! We provide ESD control, not just product We provide ESD control, not just product We provide ESD control,not just product “Our product continually updated by professional experts
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Joshua YooPresident

유 용 훈대표이사

  • President, CORE INSIGHT, INC.
  • Founder & President, Korea EOS/ESD Association
  • Elected Board of Director, 2016-2018, The EOS/ESD Association
  • ESD Control Program Consultant
  • Professional ESD Program Manager certified by ESD Association
  • ESD Engineer certified by iNARTE
  • Working Group Membership, SEMI ESD Task Force Team, HBM, TLP, S20.20 & JEDEC 625 Harmonization, EOS BP, Process Assessment, Ionization, High Reliability, FPD
  • Board of Director, Served as Marketing Steering, Marketing Communication, Education Committee Members for EOS/ESD Association, Inc.

Industry Activity

Joshua (Yong Hoon) Yoo has been involved in the static control industry since 1994 for ionization and ESD test equipment business. He started technical assessment and training services for semiconductor, flat panel display, automotive and general electronics industry. He joined the EOS/ESD Association at 2000 and active member of many standard working groups EOS/ESD Association and SEMI ESD taskforce. He was Sr. Technologist at MKS Korea for Ion System products.

For advanced static control program, solutions and services based in Korea, Joshua established Core Insight, Inc. in 2003. He is published author of technical papers at several EOS/ESD Symposium events and recognized as pioneer for FPD ESD control application. He serviced global electronic companies for improved of static related yield impacts, quality and reliability issues. Also, He invented alternative room ionization technology for the FPD industry for both contamination and ESD control.

He was a chair of FPD working group and a member of Ionization, Process Assessment, EOS Best Practice, CBE and High Reliability working groups and others. In September 2011, Joshua founded and became a president of Korea Local chapter of the ESD Association and with his efforts, Korea Chapter became one of the very active local chapters of EOS/ESD Association over the world. He served as elected Board of Director for EOS/ESD Association during 2016~2018. In 2019, Korea Chapter of ESD Association became Korea EOS/ESD Association as fully independent and standard organization in Korea.

Technical Papers

  1. J. Yoo, “High Speed Display Panel Yield Losses & Improvement Solutions”, IMID Conference 2008
  2. J. Yoo, D.S Kim, A. Steinman, “Comparing Room Ionization Technologies in FPD Manufacturing”, EOS/ESD Symposium 2012
  3. D.S Kim, J. Yoo, “Electrostatic Control and its Analysis of Roller Transferring Processes in FPD Manufacturing”, EOS/ESD Symposium in 2013
  4. J. Yoo, E. Choi, E. Koo, "ESD Risk from Pulsed AC Ionizer “, EOS/ESD Manufacturing Symposium in Germany 2018
  5. J. Yoo, E. Choi, E. Koo, “CPM Test Limitation Study for AC, Pulsed AC and High Frequency AC Ionizers vs. DC Based Ionizers“, EOS/ESD Symposium 2019

Published Article

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